The Inner West Misses You – About the video

I have a new video out, for the song ‘The Inner West Misses You’. Here it is again.

It is a remake, essentially, of a Tim Rogers film clip, for ‘You’ve Been So Good to Me So Far’. That clip was released in 1999, and as much as I love that song, I really love that clip. I love seeing old shops that have gone, and the shops that are still there. I love that sense of place.

So it might just look like a guy walking down a street, but we actually did several rehearsals on another day, and did several takes on the day. But hopefully it looks kinda nice if you’ve never seen the original. I wonder if the woman at the bakery remembers the first one. She was pretty cool about me not buying anything several times, and just passing me a bag.

For trainspotters, the road is Marrickville Rd in Marrickville, although we start around the corner on Victoria Road.

There were many things we couldn’t actually recreate. The seafood place was closed for one. And the little kid’s ride was gone. But the idea was that this was another snapshot of this street. Hopefully someone makes the same film clip in 16 years, and we can see this street again.

But whatever happens to this song, I think this film clip will look more and more interesting as the years go on.

Director Jeremy Dylan wanted to point out the real estate agent more, a nod to house prices. Right at the start of the clip, outside Victoria Yeeros, someone dropped a big slab of meet on the ground. As I walked up, they were just wiping the gravel off the meat. It made me laugh….all the way through the take.

Making cameos in the clip are Tim Byron on child’s piano, Casey Atkins on the uke and Jadey O’Regan as the shy girl. And yes, that is my son, William Harris-Yau, who is five months old. I am glad I will always have that footage.

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