Here it is. The new single free! + Lyric video

OK. Finally. The new single – Courtney’s Moving To Newtown (To Start A Band) is here. And it’s free.

There’s two ways to get it. To be honest, I’ve never tried either before so if it doesn’t work, hit me up, probably on twitter (@yauami). If you just want to listen to the track you can do that too.

Here’s the lyric video. Because it takes equal amounts of work, there is the normal lyrics as well as the lyrics filtered through Google Translate (in Japanese) and then back into English.

Want to download the track and do whatever you want with it? You’re right, it is totally none of my business.

Here’s the Soundcloud method.

Here’s the Bandcamp method. Just name your price as zero. If you think that’s what it’s worth. It’s ok if you want to be that guy. It’s ok for you to just be you.

If you want to learn to play the song, you can find the chords here.

“Courtney…” is the first track from my debut solo album. More details about the song and a proper film clip to come. I hope you like the song.

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